Saturday, January 31, 2015

Review: When The Gavel Falls

When The Gavel Falls
When The Gavel Falls by Tabitha Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great set of books. Each one is unique and special and add something to the world of the Castle. I couldn't stop reading this one until I had finished the whole set.

Punishing Portia - David is strong enough to admit he made a mistake and Portia realizes she has to rethink how she handled things. I love how these two fit together so perfectly. David is willing to work toward bringing out the best in Portia. Loved the wrap up that made it even better.

Rosie's Resolution - Sometimes it takes strength to admit what you want. I really loved Rosa not just in taking a chance but in the loving way she cares and supports her friends. You can feel the love between all the players in this story and you can help but cheer them all one. This one does have MFf, age-play story line.

Sharing Silver - I can't image being brave enough to travel half way across the world to pursue a dream. Silver is strong and brave and it doesn't hurt that her best friend is willing to go on the block with her. She is willing to take risks and she gets what she wants times 2 with her purchase by the twins.

Changing O - Wow this story was so much more than I was expecting. I thought it would be darker and edgier given O's habit of playing on the dark story but I was so wrong. This is a love story about a man strong enough not to give O what she wants but what she truly needs. This is really a powerful story.

Buying Brianny - This one includes taking a risk that almost backfires. So often in stories of this genre we are remind that communication is the backbone of any relationship. If you can be honest about your wants and needs with the one you love the most than how can you hope to move forward to the future.

Fulfilling Her Fantasy - Reviewed separately.

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