Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Kid's Show

"What was one of your favorite television shows as a kid and why?"

My childhood home was different from most of my friends due to the factor that our TV was on almost all the time.  My mother loved to have the TV and it came on first thing in the morning and stayed on until the broadcast day ended.  Yes, kids there was a time when TV was not 24 hours.  We also only had ABC, NBC, CBS, and a local PBS station.  I remember the excitement when we got our first independent TV station.  Ironically, it was the start of this station that would lead to my husband and his family moving to Florida and of course later us meeting up and getting married.  

I don't exactly remember but I know when I was little Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room were two of my favorites.  I also watched Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood.  Sesame Street didn't come out until later.  A little bigger and I watched Electric Company.

My favorite stuff, that I really remember, was during my middle school and high school years and were the shows shown on the local independent station.  The first three that jumped into my mind as shows I regularly watched were Star Trek, Hogan's Heroes, and Big Valley.  I'm not sure why those three were the ones to appeal to me but it certainly shows my eclectic taste even then.  Now what I do find interesting is when I look at my favorite characters in this show they aren't necessary the main stars.  In Star Trek I liked Ensign Chekhov.  He was not a pretty boy, was somewhat more edgy, and who doesn't love an accent.  In Hogan's Heroes, I did like Colonial Hogan and I'm not sure why.  In Big Valley my hands down favorite was Nick Barkley.  The strong, stubborn, roughed, and rough brother.  He was very alpha (before I knew what that was mind you) and while he would do what ever he could to stop an enemy, he was very loyal and caring about people he considered friends or family.  And hey he was a cowboy too.

Of course in old films I also loved Humphrey Bogart and Hans Solo was my favorite Stars War character so I should have seen my love of strong alpha male characters coming.

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