Friday, February 1, 2013

January's Month Wrap Up

So here's my breakdown of books for January -----

Next - 22 books
Pink - 5
Romance - 15
Blushing Books - 8
Free - 2
DD - 1
Anthology - 1

Total books read --- 54

As expected my reading numbers were down in January with the return to our school schedule.

The month theme for February --  So I've added those books to my monthly theme shelf but they will be listed my their main/original shelf.


Well I'm loving my new Nook HD now but that turned out to be quite the story.  I was having a few odd things that I hoped were just software issues that would be updated later but one problem seemed to be more.  When I would push the n it would not always wake up.  So I called tech support we went through everything including unregistering/reregistering, reformating the microSD card, and doing a hard reset.  Then he tried to tell me it was because I was a power user and I got the 8g instead of the 16g.  Finally, he suggested I take it back and ask at the store.  So on headed on on a road trip to our nearest Barnes and Noble about 40 miles away.  Bottom line I had it lest than 14 days by about 24 hours so they just gave me a full refund and let me then purchase the 16 g.  And this one works wonderfully and I realized almost all those little things are not longer there.

The one problem that didn't go away was having the clock visible while I was reading and having a page count for the chapter and not just the full book.  Found a recommendation for Overdrive on the forum.  This is the program used for checking out stuff from the library but it works great as a reader.  What I love the best is the page count is an actually page turn count.  So the bigger the font the more pages, smaller font less pages.  This is so cool.  It is a free nook app.
Overdrive Website -
Barnes and Noble App Link 

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