Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Themed Reading Plan

So this year I decided that instead of doing a bunch of challenges that sometimes require making more purchases I decided to make an effort to catch up (yeah, I'll buy new stuff, too) by picking a new theme or themes each month as a priority for my reading list.  These books will be put on the Special/Holiday shelf on my Nook.  Also, added to the shelf would be new books purchased for the first couple of weeks when they will be removed from this shelf to be read later.  Also, the books received from Secret Cravings Book Club each month will be added for the first month after received.  And finally the monthly free book from the Blushing Books website.

So what are my monthly themes are as follows:

January - New Year's, Winter, Short list pages*
February - Valentines
March - St. Patrick's Day, Menage
April - Easter, Fantasy,  Short list pages*
May - Spring, Historical
June - Weddings, Family
July - Fourth of July, Military, Patriotic
August - Summer, Western, Short list pages*
September - School, Fall
October - Halloween, Paranormal
November - Thanksgiving,  Short list pages*
December - Christmas

*In my notebook of to be read list pages when a page gets down to 3 or less books on the page I make a note of the page.  I will pick 3 or 4 of these pages to add to my reading list depending on how many other books are there for the other categories.

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