Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Christmas to ME

After an unexpected Year End Bonus I decided to upgrade to the Nook HD.  Overall I really love it but like everything its not perfect.

So the PROS -
The profiles are wonderful.  Now Katy has profile, the "real" me has a profile, and my daughter has a child's profile.
The books and Apps I purchase from Barnes and Noble can be assigned to certain profiles.
Nothing I side load which is of course mainly Katy's stuff doesn't show up in the child profile.
The adult profiles need the password I created to get in but the child profile doesn't.
It does weigh less.
It charges faster.
And I think the battery works a bit longer but since my daughter keeps "borrowing" it while I'm busy doing something else I'm not completely sure on the battery life.

The CONS -
You can shelf from the search page.  So when side loading you have to search for it.  Find it.  Open it.  Then it shows up in recent and then you can shelf it.  This is a bit clunky and hope that will be approved in software updates.
When you close a book it takes you to the home page instead of back to the shelf so you can click on it and move it to another shelf or delete it.  You have to click on Library again and go back again to the shelf.  Again this seems a bit clunky but more livable then the first Con.
About 5 of my apps didn't work on the HD device.  One was my favorite solitaire and I haven't found a comparable one that will work on the HD and I used this app a lot.  Bejeweled 2 doesn't work on the HD but there is an HD version but it would need to be repurchased.  I have called BN and ask for some kind of credit to replace those apps.  They said today they would analyze my request and I should hear something within 4 days.  I'll try to post if I was successful or not.
When you change profiles it takes a minute for the device to catch up and the right things under the profile.

From my personal observation I think most of the cons are things that a software upgrade would probably fix all or most of my concerns.

The biggest thing I notice was boy do I have a lot of books on my to be read pile.  As I made a purchase I would shelf it and move on to read and review.  But when it took the good part of one day to get everything back on their shelves wow.

So for fun here's Katy Beth shelves ---
Review  - this shelf is only used as a holding place for books that are finished and need to be reviewed.  From there they are either deleted, archived, or moved to a shelf for read books because I might want to read them again.  You know someday when I actually get all caught up.
Special/Holiday - This shelf is a secondary shelf.  Anything on this shelf is also on a primary shelf.  This shelf is where I'll place the books according to my 2013 reading Month Plan.  (Post coming soon)
Romance - Most of my purchases that don't fit on one of the other more specific shelves.
Magazine - These are for side-loaded magazines as the device has its own shelf for magazines purchased through BN.
Anthology -
Blushing Books - Books purchased through the Blushing Books stores or books I got through Bethany's Woodshed that are not available in the store.
Pink - These are books that are gotten as part of my membership to Bethany's Woodshed.  Why pink because I have a notebook with my to be read books listed and the divider they are behind is Pink.
DD Books - These are books that I got through my membership with Domestic Discipline membership.  I'm no longer a member but these were acquired during my membership.
Next - The next book in a series that needs to be read.
Series - Books that are part of a series but there is another book before them that needs to be read first.
Because It's Free - Books I got for free.  Some of course more interesting to other and because I didn't pay for them they aren't a top priority.
Read Series - Books read from a series not specify on another shelf.
Read Shadowlands
Read Lori/Lorelei
Read Incognito
Read Sean
Read Erotic - Books read not part of a series that fit the category
Read Vanilla/Blush - Books read not part of series that fit the category

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