Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review: Black John

Black John
Black John by Amy Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story is not a fast and easy read. I found myself taking a break and reading something lighter but it was so worth the journey to the end. This is story of the "anti-heroes" turning out to be the good guys.

John is the kind of character you expect to be the villain in the story. But as his story unfolds both through both present action and flashbacks you realize what has shaped him, how much he's actually overcome, his strength, and what a real good guy he is deep down.

Galen to has his own battles to fight and while John gets him started on his own path to recovery and in some ways might be his inspiration to want to recover the journey really needs to be his own. John has to accept that he can't do it for Galen. In the end Galen emerges as his own strong man so that he can be partner and not a dependent.

I also read the Bonus Epilogue from the author's web page. And while it isn't necessary it was still a short, sweet, and fun read that made a great wrap up.

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