Saturday, April 2, 2016

Review: Little Secrets

Little Secrets Little Secrets by Allison West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another story in the ongoing Ashley series. Ashley is half true finishing school and half training academy to prepare "littles" for their papas. This installment is a bit different than the others I've read so far. Eliza is a little who was brought in by her finance but he called off the wedding so she is left adrift. Charley is an up and coming journalist looking for a school that will give his younger sister the advantages needed to make a good match. He accidentally stumbles on Eliza and is intrigued, curious, and a bit concerned. While it turns right round in the end I didn't feel this one was quite up to a five star rating. Charley is often insensitive using his career to first bully his way in the door in the first place. Then again thinking about his career more than the people who he should be caring about like his sister and his new little Eliza he buts both of them and many others at risk. Also, while I know that no kink has a one true way I was never sure where Eliza really stood in her own feelings. At times she seems to embrace and seek out her little life but the next is really being pushy and aggressive in her relationship with Charley. Like I said it seems to turn out okay and I want the best for both MC's as they define their own relationship I missed the more loving relationship I seek out in an age-play story.

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