Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why Witness is my favorite movie..

So the other day on Guilty Pleasures blog they asked about your three favorite movies and I said that Witness was my number one favorite and there was a story behind that.  So here is the story.  It was many years ago when I was turning 22.  I was still married to my ex-husband and he was taking me out for my birthday.  Dinner at Benegins and then off to the movies.  So we headed to the twin theaters (yes this was before the megaplex).  One theater had Witness and the other had some guy oriented action flick.  I don't even remember the name.  So my ex says we're going to the action flick.  I said but it's my birthday and I would really like to see Witness.  He was like no we are seeing the action flick.  I said no I'm seeing Witness it's my birthday I get to pick.  I'd been a good sport.  I'd watch him drink green beer so I thought I really should get to see the movie I want.  Finally, he said fine you can go see Witness but I'm going to the action flick.  That was my signal to give up and go to the action flick.  But something just clicked and suddenly I didn't want to give in.  Just this once I was not backing down.  I said fine that works for me and I did indeed go in and see Witness all by myself.  The funny thing is it probably had as much action as what he saw.

But that moment was the beginning of something inside me.  I did what I wanted.  I went in the theater all by myself.  The world did not stop spinning.  Life as we know it didn't cease to exist.  No one else in the theater had no idea that anything at all had happened.  But I learned that maybe, just maybe, I was worth enough to make my own choice and have my own opinion.  It was a very tiny spark but it was lit.

I'd like to say from that moment on I was strong and capable and began living my own life but sadly no it took a couple more years to finally claim my freedom and it took a lot of support from some really great friends but even at that moment I knew something was different.

A few years ago my oldest bought me a copy of Witness because he knew I really loved that movie.  So maybe later today I'll have to take time to relieve a birthday memory as I continue to embrace what is important to me.

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  1. Katy, good for you. It's funny what may seem like a little thing can end up meaning so much