Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Deakeny's Bride

Deakeny's Bride
Deakeny's Bride by Darla Phelps

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found this a gripping story and read it straight through. Margot has turned 18 and thinks she is about to enter the world of adult with her husband. She looks forward to leaving behind the harsh punishment of the sisters in the school she grew up. But when Miss Della arrives to escort her to her new home she begins to realize that things are not what she expected. Margot is left confused by what role she is to play and the manipulation of her SIL Celia only complicate and confuse matters for poor Margot. It seems that just as Margot is settling in Celia puts things into play that turn from mean to dangerous.

Early in the story I almost felt as confused as Margot as to what the true intentions and feelings of both her husband Thomas and her nanny Miss Della are toward Margot. But as the story progress you get a sense that these people truly do care for Margot. And while we might find it disturbing in some ways compared to how we thing of marriage and kink choices now days wives really were their husbands property and some were treated much worse. Truly you come to feel that despite the oddity of treating a wife as a child Thomas and to some extent Miss Della are the only people who have ever truly cared for Margot.

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