Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Between reading a longer book that is a download from one of the sites I'm a member on so it doesn't show up on Good Reads and having a crazy week I feel like I haven't been around my blog much.  Sunday of course was sick and it was fun to get a call yesterday to find out one if the 5 kids I had in my nursery tested positive for strep.  Monday I was up at 5 am and left the house by 7.  I had to drop of the princess at her all day class and the next 2 boys off at their MLK Day of Service project.  They were part of a group of over 200 that helped plant over 1800 trees at a local nature preserve.  This land had been cattle land for several generations but was donated to the county.  They have slowly been restoring it a natural state.  Then I dropped off the oldest at home at his friends house on the other side of the county and went to a board meeting.  Then I had to pick up the boys from their service project.  The princess had a ride home so I got to go home and get something done.

Yesterday I just had the two youngest at home so we went out for pizza.  Then they had meetings last night.

Today back to church for kid's choir and nursery duty.

Thursday - Field trip to Alafia River Rendezvous (ironically no longer located near the Alafia.)  The Florida Frontiersmen camp out for 2 or 3 weeks living the old life and this weekend they are open to share it with the public.  Thursday is for the school kids.  My husband is actually going to take the day off and go with us.

Friday - Legoland field trip.

Saturday - Poll worker training so I can work the primary.

Hopefully next week will be a bit less crazy.

My newest project as I get more settled into my Good Reads account is to try and get the books I own marked with the store of purpose so I can do a better job of getting the reviews not just here and Good Reads but also copy them to the stores where I made the purchase.  This was one of my goals for 2012.  So I'm starting to get a move on toward that project.

Also found a new online back up for my main computer.  Current projects it will take up to 47 days to back up my data.  I think I might have just a few pictures and layouts there.  The computer is over 4 years old and every once in while it acts funky so I'm hoping to have the back up done before it completely goes nuts on me.

A week ago Friday I got to chat with my oldest and it looks like he might be coming home from Africa sooner but getting married early and then going back.  Actually dates and all are still out up in the air.  Told him if he did that they could go where her family is have the wedding and traditional reception then come to Florida and we can have a wedding blessing/commissioning service and a down home southern BBQ/pot luck party.  Then they can have another party when they get back to Africa.  That way neither family has a lot of travel costs and their friends that are scattered far and wide can choose which event best fits their location or travel plans.  We have friends that do professional BBQing and others who make cakes as a side job so we can get things covered at our end.

Well I need to dash.  Need to get my hair washed before I pick up the middle child from school and then head to church.

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