Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Playing as A Child

"What kind of indoor and outdoor games did you play as a child?"

When I first saw this prompt I'm thinking oh that would be easy but then when I started thinking about it, it seemed a bit harder.  I mean in school we played the standard school yard stuff like tug-a-war and Red Rover in elementary school. And I really hated middle and high school where you were forced to play team sports for PE.    But I was taking this question more of as at home home voluntary kind of thing.  

So indoors - I liked board games.  Sometimes my mom played with me but I was just as likely to play by myself moving for two players.  I loved playing with my Barbie's at least through middle school.  And I loved to read.  Reading has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

Outdoors - Well I did mention that reading was my passion and I could be found reading outside usually hiding in the Brazilian Pepper Tree in our backyard as doing anything else.  I like to ride my bike and would ride for hours at a time.  I had a half built playhouse in the backyard (that is a story all by itself) and I would imagine all kinds of scenarios up in my head.  Sometimes I put myself in situations of my favorite TV shows where I would be a different character who interacted with my favorites.  Or I would make up my own stuff.  I really was by myself more than I was with others.

When I did play with others it was mostly boys.  My neighbor was lacking in girls.  And the few girls who  moved in didn't stay long and I could not stand how silly they seemed.  Seems I was in training to be the mom of 4 boys.  I was always the pal or one of the guys and by high school that was pretty frustrating but that's the way it was.  We usually rode bikes or played kick ball in my backyard.  Kick ball was the one team sport I seemed to be able to play without embarrassing myself, getting hurt, or pissing off my team mates.  

So there's my complicated answer to the simple question of childhood games.

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